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How do you structure a startup pitch deck?

  • 3 min read

What goes into a great pitch deck when presenting in front of investors?

I often use this structure:

  1. Cover: “We are X for Y” (e.g. we are Ebay for VIP club nights)
    • Elevator pitch in ONE sentence
    • Contact info
  2. Team intro
    • Mgt, Bios, Relevant experience, responsibilities, Advisors and contact info
    • Why are we the right team for the problem we are about to show?
  3. Our big idea → Our big vision
    • What is our big vision?
    • What problem we solving and for whom?
    • Where do we want to be in the future?
  4. The current problem
    • What are the main customer / consumer pains?
    • How are they solving them now and why are these solutions inferior?
  5. Our solution. Why now?
    • How will the customers solve their problems with us? / What is our value proposition to the customer? / What kind of ROI can our customers expect by using buying your product/service?
    • How is it different?
    • What pain are we eliminating?
    • Why is the solution possible today?
    • Why is it right for today, tomorrow?
  6. What is our business / revenue model?
    • Who is our target customer → Use specific customer examples where possible.
    • How do we earn money?
    • What is required to become profitable?
    • What is our sales, marketing and distribution strategy?
  7. Traction & Validation
    • How big is the market?
    • How big can we be?
    • What value are we creating?
    • Is our product resonating with the users? / Is it trending up? / Engagement data, user acquisition, other KPI
  8. Competition
    • Who is our existing & likely competition?
    • Who is adjacent to us (in the market) that could enter our market (and compete) or could be a co-opted partner?
    • What are their strengths/weaknesses?
    • Why are we different and better?
  9. What’s the future?
    • What are the next 12-24 months of
      • product
      • people
      • performance
      • finances
  10. The ask
    • What size investments are we looking for?
    • How long does it get us?
    • How will we spend it?
    • What are our goals before raising the next round?
    • How else can investor(s) help?

General tips

  • Max 2 people should do the pitch. Don’t lose time to switch microphones back and forth: The best person to pitch should do the whole pitch.
  • Investor questions are extremely important. Brainstorm critical questions and practice the answers. Address questions immediately and have additional slides ready with more details (e.g. financial metrics)
  • Keep demos short. Show screenshots or a (locally hosted) video, no live demo, as it takes too long and too many things can go wrong.
  • The product market fit is more important than how the product works.
  • Describe your target group narrow and easy to understand. Differentiate between the people who you’re solving the product for and the people who will write the cheque.

Good luck!

Christoph Plamper

Consultant, brand strategist and project manager with a passion for solutions that create real added value, especially at the intersection of marketing and corporate development. Excellent combination of analytical and strategic brand know-how with innovative product marketing and start-up development methods. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting through own start-up expertise and as a manager in growth companies. Special focus on marketing efficiency and digital business models.

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