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Brand & Marketing Consulting

Strategic & Hands On

As a brand strategist and digital expert I advise and support you in strategic projects and brand management. By increasing your digital and marketing performance I enable you to fully focus on your business goals.

Brand & Digital Strategy

Developing digital strategies

Developing brand positioning and brand storytelling strategies

Steering brand identity and corporate design processes

Conducting brand and market research

Steering pitches and agency management

Conducting and supervising brand audits

I help you to develop digital and brand strategies to gain market share and win customers.

Understanding the transformational needs of stakeholders and customers, defining the brands value proposition against the competitive environment and setting specific and achievable brand goals are the key to scaling fast and a unique, strong brand.

Marketing Strategy & Operations

What I do

Developing and implementing data driven omnichannel marketing strategies along the full customer journey

Leading and supporting marketing teams including HR and budget management

Increasing ROI and conversion across the whole customer journey by generating data-driven customer insights

Implementing marketing automation strategies, including inbound marketing & CRM

Planning, setting up and scaling of marketing technologies and workflows

Your benefit

I take weight off your back and enable your team to do great and engaging marketing.

Sometimes it’s finding out what the customer really wants, sometimes it’s building up marketing teams, and most of the times it’s rolling up the sleeves, putting words into action and implementing marketing strategies quickly, efficiently and within budget.

Startup Development

What I do

Fundraising & pitch deck support

Accompanying deal flow and due diligence processes in marketing and technology

Go to market and scaling

Mentoring and coaching

Workshops and training for startups, e.g. go to market, product launches, business modeling, pitching

Holding on-site and open office hours for startups and founders

Your benefit

I know what it takes to build a startup.

I help companies to build digital business models and set up and manage custom corporate startup programs.

I mentor and coach founders, marketing and product teams.

Let’s have a chat!

Please fill in the form to receive a quick reply. And, if you like, we can also set up a video call. You can also contact me on LinkedIn.

Christoph Plamper
Founder Plamper Consulting

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